Presentations from 7th IndicThreads Pune, Dec 2012. The slides are embedded using Google Docs. If not visible, please check if it’s a firewall issue.

Sessions On Day 1 (14 Dec)
Grammar Of Graphics

Polyglot & Functional Programming On JVM

Typesafe Stack Software Development On The JVM

Using Play! 2.0 For Building An Insurance Website

Java EE 7 Platform:Simplification & HTML5

Cloud Automation With Chef

NoSQL: Now and Path Ahead

Sessions On Day 2 (15 Dec)
Improve Testing Efficiency With Selenium WebDriver

Ext JS Unleashed – JavaScript Rich Apps Framework

Accelerating Computation in HTML5

Implementing Lock Free Concurrency with Akka

Comparing Hadoop Data Storage (HDFS, HBase, Hive and Pig)

Crunch: MapReduce Pipelines made easy

How to Build a Recommendation Engine Using Apache Mahout