Improve Testing Efficiency With Selenium WebDriver

Improve your testing efficiency using Selenium Webdriver, with a practical demo of Cross browser testing using Selenium Grid and webdriver.  Session Outline…

  • JavaScript/Jquery Execution: Would explain the way in which we could execute a JS script (embedded JS Script in the page/New JS Script) and Jquery scripts in the page.
  • HAR (Http Archive Report) using  webdriver: This report could be used to provide the response time of each and every HTTP calls made from the application and save it in a HAR file.
  • Different ways of Wait (Fluent wait, Implict Wait, Wait through Jquery) in webdriver. Aid people to remove the “Thread.sleep” functionality and use “wait” in the selenium webdriver scripts. We see different waits like Fluent Wait, Implict Wait and Wait through JQuery with samples
  • Finding JavaScript errors in the page using Selenium: An additional functionality which aids a tester to detect JavaScript errors from different browsers for the current application.
  • Identify Broken links in the page using Selenium Webdriver: This functionality would identify the broken links in the current webpage using selenium webdriver.
  • Cross Browser testing using Selenium Grid: Cross Browser testing has become an important part of testing in the current scenario, in this we would cover up the ways in which selenium grid could be used to achieve the same.  It  would cover:
    • Selenium grid/ rc server configuration
    • Invoking the selenium script on grid
    • Generating unique browser reports using TestNG
    • Cross Browser layout differences using image magik
  • Demo



Surendran  is a Senior QA automation in Xpanxion and has 5+ years of experience in automation of web application and web services. For the past 3+ years he has been working on selenium and has implemented all the concepts specified in the topic for a couple of automation projects. He has also created few automation frameworks internally for testing Web applications and web services and they are been used in current and previous companies.

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