Using Play! 2.0 For Building An Insurance Website

Play! is a rails inspired MVC framework for Java and Scala. It focuses on developer productivity, scalability and type safety. We have been using Play! 2.0 (Java version) for past 4 months to build a public facing multilingual insurance website. This talk is targeted for Java developers who plan to investigate / adopt Play for their next projects. We will discuss why we chose Play, what challenges we faced during implementation and which aspects of Play! made us, the developers, happy and productive.

We will show code examples to demonstrate our learnings. Even in the Java version of Play, we had to deal with Scala, mainly for sbt build and templates. We will share experience of how Java developers dealt with this use of Scala. Finally we will talk about some of the powerful features of the framework that we did not use but may be of interest to our audience.


Mushtaq Ahmed is working in the IT industry for over a decade. He has played various roles: domain expert in life sciences, business analyst and developer. He has keen interest in Scala which he is evangelizing for past few years. As a developer he has worked on multiple Scala projects in the past. Curiously, he is a medical doctor by undergraduate training (BJ Medical College) and masters in BioMedical Engg (IIT Bombay). He is currently working with ThoughtWorks.


Shripad Agashe has more than 13 years of IT experience in executing projects for a broad range of business problems for various large organizations including several Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in Performance and Scalability of compute intensive enterprise applications. His focus is J2EE stack and related technologies. He is currently working as a tech lead at ThoughtWorks.

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