Cloud Automation With Chef

Chef is an opensource Configuration management and systems integration platform.This session would be useful to everyone who’s managing applications on the cloud.  In this proposed session I would like to showcase practically by creating/deleting multiple cloud instance on either AWS or rackspace dynamically. Each cloud instance will perform a certain role eg: web server, db server or caching server etc.

This concept is also called as a Infrastructure as Code, and has created a new position called “DevOps” meaning  resources/employees who understand, executes and perform both development and operations role.

We can also use it for continuous delivery and deployment. Technologies like these are being used in every datacenter, IaaS or Paas or SaaS provider.

The audience will get the benefit of practically experiencing what goes behind making this kind of dynamic automated infrastructure work. And would provide a new perspective to audience not already aware of existence of such technologies and platform.

Broad Outline: a) About chef  b) Architecture c) How does it work d) Demo e) Other competing technologies.


Arun Tomar is an Entrepreneur, Technology evangelist, Solution Architect, Consultant & Corporate Trainer with Deep expertise in designing and execution of providing end to end solutions for Enterprises IT Infrastructure requirements. He has 11+ years of experience.

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