Polyglot & Functional Programming On The Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Relevance and importance of being Polyglot and Functional Programming on the JVM. Why the industry is looking for other options apart from Java in particular implementations. Small history of functional programming. Advantages of functional programming and the new flavors of those for the JVM. Utilization of Multi-Core with the very nature of built in concurrency support in the languages.

How to use different language features and constructs of Scala. Examples with Higher Order Functions, Mixins, Traits, Immutability. Scala Actors for Concurrent and Parallel processing. How to strike the right chord between OOP and FP worlds of Scala. Go through a case study on usage of Play-Scala-Akka project. What are the experiences from it.

What are the good features of Functional language like Clojure and what are the things to consider like STM, Code as Data. Functions with no side effects. How State and Identity is handled over the time in Clojure. Clojure Agents and Atoms. A case study using Clojure’s features.


Mohan Kumar Muddana has more than 13 years of experience in Software Industry in various companies and for various business domains like Capital Markets, eCommerce, Insurance etc. Having experience in working with various technology stacks in Java, J2EE and Open sources. A highly self motivated person. Polyglot in both Spoken languages and Programming languages.

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