NoSQL : Now and Path Ahead

This session will talk about the need and evolution of NoSQL, fundamentals and comparison of NoSQL and RDBMS systems. We will try to understand the practical relevance of NoSQL with a real problem statement and it’s solution based on NoSQL. The session will briefly also look at various implementations and types of NoSQL solutions.

Session Outline:
  1. What is NoSQL
  2. Need of NoSQL:
    • Non Relational in Nature : In a NoSQL database, there is no fixed schema and no joins. Schema Managment on systems where downtime is a complete no-no is a difficult task with relational databases. So systems which have reduced schema compelxity helps catering this limitation.
    • Distributed/Scalability : Horizontoal Scalability Vs Vertical . Handling big data
    • High Availability : Refers to availability and reliability of the system. This demands 100% operational or never failimg systems. No SPOF
    • Eventually Consistent
    • Cost
  3. Some basic Fundamentals/Theories which help us in designing or implementing large scale  databases and helps understanding the constraint cum limitation’s.
    • CAP theorem
    • BASE Versus ACID
    • Consistent Hashing (HashRing)
  4. Types of NoSQL Databases
    1. Wide Column Store / Column Families : examples: Cassandra/Hadoop(Hbase)/Hypertable/Cloudera etc.
    2. Document Based Store’s : MongoDb/CouchDb/TerraStore etc.
    3. Key/Value(Tuple Store) Store : Redis,MemcacheDb/Voldemort etc.
    4. Graph Data Store : Neo4J/GraphBase/FlockDb etc
  5. Use Case for NoSQL:The session would cover a practical use case and how it get’s solved with a NoSQL solution cassandra. Stuff in terms of how to model a column family as per the use case, schemaless advantage , client etc .It will also talk of operational/infrastructure hiccups in terms of configuring multi data center ring , adding removing nodes at runtime , core’s and memory requirement  from cassandra etc to be done in practice.
  6. Limitations of NoSQL Solutions
    1. Maturity
    2. Support
    3. Skillset and Administration/Operation
    4. Analytics and BI support


Shubham has more than 7 years of experience in Java/J2EE/Embedded(C,C++) systems. Shubham’s current technical inclinations revolve around Cassandra, Redis, MongoDb, Memcached, Neo4J, Solr, Hadoop, Hive, Mahout, NLP etc. Shubham works for MakeMyTrip and is designated as Manager-Technology with responsibility for delivery,architecture,operations of an LOB…

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