Implementing Lock Free Concurrency with Akka

This session looks at the evolution of Actors Model as an alternative to shared memory model based concurrency to cater the business needs of our times. It will cover the fundamentals of Actors based programming and how we can make the best use with the help of Akka, a massively scalable Actor based framework with Api for both Java and Scala.

  1.  Introduction to Actors Model for Concurrency.
  2.  Actors based vs Shared memory model for writing concurrent programs (includes code demos).
  3.  Introduction to Akka.
  4.  Build a demo application on Akka.

Sameer Arora is a Java consultant working with Xebia India. He has more than 8 years of experience in Java J2ee technologies. He has been a speaker at IndicThreads, Pune 2011 and Agile NCR 2010. He has also written on extreme programming practices for the Agile Journal.

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